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Olinek Suit can be ordered by phone or through the form on our website. If you wish to order the suit on your own, without the assistance of our physiotherapists, we need to know the child’s height, waist and chest size as well as weight. We highly advise you to consult a physiotherapist who will examine the child, optimize the size choice and provide further instructions for the proper usage of the orthotic and suggested rehabilitation plan. The suit is available in 12 sizes.



One-piece dynamic trunk

750 zł


Two-piece dynamic trunky

750 zł



Olinek Suit is intended for children with muscle tone disorders (e.g. reduced muscle tone in the trunk, increased muscle tone in the extremities, variable muscle tone, involuntary movements, tremors) resulting from the damage to central and peripheral nervous system, psychomotor delays, genetic disorders as well as sensory integration disorders.

Olinek Suit can be used for several hours a day during therapy, at school, during leisure time or positioning (stands, special seats, wheelchairs).


In combination with a properly designed treatment, Olinek Suit exerts the following effects:

  • Gives compression to the whole body and provides intense sensory stimulation
  • Activates muscle groups thanks to reinforced lycra on hips, buttocks, lower limbs and abdomen
  • Helps to maintain correct posture
  • Improves the function of upper limbs
  • Improves motor coordination
  • Reduces involuntary movements
  • Improves balance
  • Helps to reduce self-stimulating behaviours
  • Has stimulation eects on muscles, facilitates trunk and hips extension, abduction and external roatation of lower limbs
  • Helps to normalize muscle tone
  • Facilitates correct movement patterns, which translates to greater and better-quality motor capacities


Lycra I – thin and very elastic, it makes the base of our orthotic and creates consistent compression, contributing to better sensory stimulation.

Lycra II – thicker and less elastic, it provides the sense of stability and increses proprioception, stimulationg dierent muscle groups. Lycra II is used for the body parts which are responsible for maintaining correct posture: abdomen, buttocks and spinal erectors. Lycra II also covers the area of lower limbs, facilitating abduction, extension and external rotation.